Grace Weir
Grace Weir is an artist whose work ranges from film and video art to photographic, painting, installation or web projects and lecture-performances.

One particular area of Weir’s work is her unique approach to research, based on encounters with specifics such as certain objects, books, artworks; particular locations and source archives or from conversations with philosophers, scientists or practitioners from other disciplines. She has a particular interest in unfolding trajectories in our identity from these encounters through our experience of
time and space, and the corresponding relationship to concepts of memory and record, reality and representation within our perception of history and the future. She had made over 30 artist films and video works, underpinned by the particular entities, locations and theories under her scrutiny, whether cultural, scientific, or philosophical.

Creating a dialogue between the nature of ideas and the ways in which thinking is materialised, the works frequently refer to the act of making and the mediums in which they are made, including where time itself forms the work.

Grace Weir
represented Ireland at the 49th International Venice Biennale and has exhibited widely nationally and internationally. She was an Artist-in-Residence in Trinity College Dublin (2012-2015) and had a major solo exhibition '3 different nights, recurring' at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (2015-2016). In 2019 she was commissioned by The Institute of Physics (UK and Ireland) to create an installation 'Time Tries All Things' for the inaugural show in their gallery in London. She held a solo exhibition 'The history of light' at Solstice Arts Centre in Ireland (2023) and a solo show 'For every line, a point not on it' at Galleria Alessandra Bonomo in Rome, Italy (2023-2024).
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